“The Most Powerful Secret Of Communication” by Ted Nicholas

Do you want to market products so successfully you can earn a fortune?

Or do you raise money for your church? Or favorite charity? Or political party? Or deserving families in need? Or get others to march for peace? Or even change the world?

Once you master what I’m about to reveal, you can achieve any of these goals. Or all of them.

The underlying secret to all great communications, writing or speaking, is understood by very few. And it’s not taught in any school or university.

What comes from the heart goes to the heart.

It’s so crucially important I’ll say it again.

What comes from the heart goes to the heart.

What moves people to take action of any kind involves human emotion.

Yet, 99% of all writing appeals just to the mind. When you read it you are not touched emotionally. Magazines, newspapers and the Internet are almost entirely “left brain writing.” It may be grammatically correct. But, it’s extremely boring. And most of it is not read.

To get someone to first read, then respond to your message, you must capture their heart as well as their mind.

Appealing to the mind is the easy part. Many people can do that.

But few writers can capture people’s hearts.

This same principle applies to public speakers as well. That is why there are so few great communicators from the platform.

I just returned from a trip to Miami Beach. I made a speech entitled “The Best Time to Be in Business is Now.” I was honored with three standing ovations from an audience of about 350.

During the early part of my presentation, I noticed several men and women in the audience crying. At first this puzzled me. The speech was not sad. Instead, it was very upbeat. As always, I was speaking from my heart. Later I asked a few audience members why they were so moved. One response: “Because at one point you were talking so lovingly about Bethany, your partner in life, and your deep feelings you have for her. Suddenly this made me realize all the mistakes I’ve made in relationships and what I long for in my own life. I was so touched I couldn’t stop crying. I really bonded to you from that point on.”

The difference between a million-dollar-a-year writer, speaker or songwriter and one that completely fails rests almost entirely on the ability to touch the hearts of their audience.

When I look at samples of successful copy that I’ve written, whether it was last month or 27 years ago, the one common denominator is the emotional factor.

You also need a “reasons why” component in your copy. But unless you stir your customers’ emotions, you’ll experience little or no success.

How did I get people to send over 4 Billion Dollars worth of orders to date in 49 industries and still counting? Like so many things in life, it’s remarkably simple to do, once you know how.

Tip: To stir a particular emotion in another person, you must first experience it yourself. Once I touch a deep, heartfelt feeling within myself I can incorporate it into the copy.

Tip: I choose products to market with which I can relate that stir strong emotions in me. If a product doesn’t do this for me, I just don’t attempt to sell it.

To get closer to my inner feelings, I ask myself several questions and answer them. Examples:

1. What makes me cry? Injustice. Innocent people dying. Victims of accidents. Small children with incurable diseases. Cancer. Heart disease. M.S. Lou Gehrig’s disease.

2. What makes me laugh? Great joke tellers. Henpecked husbands or wives. Ridiculous fashion trends.

3. What scares the bejesus out of me? Losing hard-earned assets due to circumstances beyond my control. Loss of health. Death of a loved one. Fire. Illness. Unjust and corrupt government actions. Terrorists. Avian and other flus and viruses.

4. What do I hate? Rip-off artists. Government bureaucrats who care about nothing except their own power. People who copy my work without attribution. Violence. Dictatorships. Violations of individual rights. Censorship. Hypocrisy. Racism in any form. Phonies. Humans who do not cherish their freedom. Narcissists.

5. What do I love? Bethany. My children and grandchildren. Writing. Publishing. Integrity. People who simply keep their word. Great romantic art. Baby anything. Nutrition. Vacation. Sports cars. Meditation. Clothes. Walking. Tennis. Swimming. Weight lifting. Food. Great stories. Powerful copy. Talent. Expertise. Intelligence. Courage. Health. Music. Reading. Those who try. Entrepreneurs.

6. What are my favorite songs? The Very Thought of You. Sound of Music. Mozart’s 20th Piano Concerto. Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Let it Be. I Just Called to Say I Love You. Country Roads. Imagine. Sunshine on My Shoulders. Anything by my favorite musicians—written and sung by my son Steve; sung by my son Dave; and played by my son Mark. Or skated to by my daughter Nikki.

I submit to you just these few examples can provide me enough emotional power to write without exaggeration at least 2,000 successful ads in the future!

Here are a few examples of successful ad campaigns which I’ve written, many of which continue to run in magazines, newspapers, the Internet and on T.V. using the power of emotions.

1. What makes me cry? Young children with incurable diseases. A so-called “stick letter” I did (for nothing) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation which has helped raise well over $2,000,000, more than any letter in their history. They even had to hire extra people to open the envelopes containing contributions. The charity helps children who have terminal diseases and who seldom live beyond their early teens. I can’t read my own letter without crying.

2. What excites me and makes me laugh? Non-conformity. Pushing the envelope. Plus, I love breaking the “rules” and seeing them work. Here is a highly successful humorous and unconventional ad I wrote in the style and language I’d use were I talking to a friend over several beers.

The headline:

“Here Is a Message My Wife Begged Me Not to Write”

Tip: Be extremely cautious with humorous copy. Everyone’s sense of humor is different. It rarely works as it is often misunderstood and in many cases offensive to your main audience.

3. Other things I love. Health. Exercise. Sports. I’ve written numerous successful headlines in the health nutrition field. For example, look at this successful headline:

“How to Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Build Strength the Easy Way In 30 Days or Less—Guaranteed”

4. What scares me? Losing my hard-earned money through no fault of my own. I once had a lawsuit filed against my corporation due to the actions of a dishonest author whose book I published (he turned out to be a plagiarist). Additionally, we had an ineffective judge presiding in this case, which further complicated matters. Three top lawyers told me I might have to file personal bankruptcy by my adversaries piercing the corporate veil, even though I was actually the victim!

Later I created a highly successful ad on the subject of avoiding loss of your personal assets due to a lawsuit which goes against you.


“How to Make Yourself Judgment Proof”


“Avoid Losing Your Home, Cars and Personal Cash Due to a Lawsuit Against Your Company”

Tip: If you have trouble getting into a peak emotional state, try listening to your favorite emotional music before you think about writing copy.

Tip: Always tell the truth. Consumers are not stupid. Always treat your audience with dignity and respect. Plus, I believe people possess a subconscious B.S. radar detector. That’s why they do not respond to most copy. So don’t fudge any facts. Dramatize, yes. But it must be real.

Here is the most important part. Your integrity nourishes you emotionally like nothing else does. You gain a strong emotional connection to your inner self, which is invaluable to your confidence, performance and your happiness too!

5. Other things I hate? Taxes! Especially when 95% of the money is wasted on stupid government programs. One space ad I did was on the subject of ridiculous government tax laws and using your own private corporation as a legal tax avoidance device. It got consumers very angry.

The headline was:

“Wage Your Own Personal Tax Revolt”

Are you getting my drift?

The following exercise will help bring out your heartfelt feelings.

Exercise: Make a list of emotions and those things you feel deeply at the core of your being that trigger these feelings within you. And write them down. Stop reading. I mean right now!

Prepare your next sales message or speech based on using one of these emotions right now while the feelings are still fresh in your mind.

Have you done this exercise dear reader? If not, to get the full benefit of this message, please do it now.

And please forget about ever trying to market anything that you don’t love and for which you have no passion. You’ll never be successful doing that. You’ll be miserable besides. And life is too short to even attempt it.

Once you get emotionally in touch with yourself, your communications in a letter or speech have a very good chance of touching those same feelings in other humans.

Tip: Actions follow feelings just as feelings follow actions.

You now possess the most powerful secret in all communication.

With a capacity to touch the hearts of others, I urge you to proceed now and write that ad or book or speech you have long delayed or procrastinated about.

Touch people’s minds and you may ultimately have a few readers and listeners.

Touch people’s hearts and you will have loyal readers and listeners for life. And, once you master this skill, if you are so inclined you can change the world.

Your correspondent,

Ted Nicholas

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