“Ads That Sell!” by Robert W. Bly

NOTE: This article is an excerpt from the author’s book, Ads That Sell: How to Create Advertising That Gets Results. Ever since Volney Palmer opened the world’s first advertising agency in 1843, marketing professionals have been arguing, debating, and searching for the answer to the question. “What makes a good advertisement?” That this debate has never […]

“Write FASTER Copy: Cut Down Your Writing Time By More Than 50% and DOUBLE Your Income!” by Carline Anglade-Cole

World-class copywriter Clayton Makepeace launched a health revolution – and he did it in a weekend. That’s how long it took him to write the blockbuster promotion called “Give Me 90 Days”. It was for a newsletter called Health & Healing. Back in 1991, that promotion mailed MILLIONS of pieces each month for over 2 years. […]

“The Hidden Reason Behind Most Copywriting Failures or Why Every Single Client and Every Single Business Writer Should Always, Always Use a Creative Brief!” by Chris Marlow

In this article you’ll learn the #1 reason writing projects fail…and how to make sure YOU don’t get the blame! It all boils down to a simple but very powerful planning tool…the Project Brief. In advertising and marketing agencies they’re called Creative Briefs, and a job doesn’t move forward without one. Sophisticated marketers have learned […]